Julian Assange's lawyer 'prevented from boarding flight at Heathrow'

[Guardian] Jennifer Robinson says she was told she was on a 'watch list' and would need official approval to return to her native Australia.

Assange lawyer questions Australian govt
[Theage] Addressing lawyers at the Commonwealth Regional Law Conference on Friday, Jennifer Robinson said Heathrow staff had told her that she was on an "inhibited travel list" when she tried to take a flight from London to Sydney, and couldn't be checked in until they had spoken with Australia House.
Ms Robinson said she expected Australia to seek answers on whether she had been placed on any governmental watch list or why any Australian citizen would need to be cleared by the embassy before boarding a plane.

"The way it has been described to me is that the word 'inhibited' is one that is used only by US homeland security ... but I simply do not know," she said.

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