South Carolina's Attorney General detects voter fraud during primaries

[WTOC] Already, there has been some question into folks who cast their ballots on Saturday.
South Carolina's Attorney General, Alan Wilson has notified the U.S. Justice Department of potential voter fraud.
Wilson says an analysis found 953 ballots cast by voters were people who are listed as dead.
He has asked the State Law Enforcement Division to investigate.

Iowa vote fraud official
[Examiner] It’s official, or is it? Once again the establishment is showing it’s cards in an obvious attempt to defraud Ron Paul from the nomination, as Iowa GOP ‘officials’ purposely disrupt and permanently invalidate the 2012 Iowa Caucus.
For the first time in history, the Iowa GOP decided to change the final vote count to a “Secret location” for what was claimed to be “security concerns.” The unprecedented change in venue came as a shock to most Iowans who are used to seeing the final results tallied at State Party Headquarters in Des Moines, in full view of the public.

The Ron Paul camp, as usual, has downplayed the situation for fear of being an easy target and giving the establishment an excuse to label him and his supporters conspiracy "theorists," a very common tactic used by the establishment and it's media throughout Paul’s career. Instead, he’s tried to remain humble and look at the bright side in saying, "a strong third is still pretty good and still sends a message to the establishment and the American people."

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