Stratfor Hack - WikiLeaks 'Insurance File' - "Founder needs to be water boarded until he gives us the code."

[Wikileaks] Yes.=A0 The problem is at least one other person has it too.=A0

On 12/7/10 3:26 PM, Fred Burton wrote:

Founder needs to be water boarded until he gives us th=
e code.

scott stewart wrote:

Remember what I said this morning about blow-back to them if they
release names of innocent people.

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Though actually now I'm seeing a lot of rhetoric that the events so
far have not reached the level for Wikileaks to release this file. Was
it a bluff?

LONDON -- Even though its founder is under arrest, WikiLeaks says it
has no plans, for now, to release the code that would reveal some of
its most important documents.

The code is an "insurance
file that WikiLeaks says has been given to some of its supporters in
case of an emergency. It's a key to a heavily encrypted version of the

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