UK Ministry of Defence: Hackers Have Breached Top Secret Systems / Hackers Hit NASA, Harvard, U.S. Air Force, Others

[Guardian] Computer hackers have managed to breach some of the top secret systems within the Ministry of Defence, the military's head of cyber-security has revealed.
Government computer systems come under daily attack, but though Shaw would not say how or by whom, this is the first admission that the MoD's own systems have been breached. Shaw, a veteran of the Falklands and Iraq wars, also said the MoD had to be prepared to embrace unconventional and "wacky" ideas if the military wanted to catch up with, and then stay ahead of, rivals in the cybersphere. Getting "kids on the street" to help the military was vital, he said.

'Unknown' Hackers Hit NASA, Harvard, U.S. Air Force, Others 
 [Zdnet] Summary: The Unknowns says it has hacked ESA, NASA, US military, US Air Force, Thai Royal Navy, Harvard, Renault, French ministry of Defense, Bahrain Ministry of Defense, and Jordanian Yellow Pages.  

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