Attorneys launch Whistleblower Defense League - Well-known hacker, activist defenders join to form a legal "firewall" for whistleblowers

[salon / 02.04.2013] The founders of a brand new organization of activist attorneys — the Whistleblowers Defense League — in recognition of what they call “a dangerous time in America,” announced Tuesday that a project aiming to form “the legal arm, the firewall” for activist whistleblowers and hackers. The Defense League is founded by attorneys include constitutional lawyer Dennis Roberts, 48-year veteran of the civilrights movement; Jay Leiderman, noted Internet rights attorney; and JasonFlores-Williams, writer and attorney. The group aims to lower the cost of legal defense for journalists and activists facing political persecution in the U.S. via “grassroots funding and support,” noted a press release.
“People are being subpoenaed, indicted and incarcerated for simply exploring the truth,” said Leiderman in a statement. JasonFlores-Williams added, “The WBDL is a new kind of legal activist group that from the pre-indictment phase through trial will litigate for their clients aggressively, speak out on their behalf, and go to war for them in the court of law and public opinion.”

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