FBI to leak false documents - Wants to stop Wikileaks operations with black ops

[Wired] Pentagon-funded researchers have come up with a new plan for busting leakers: Spot them by how they search, and then entice the secret-spillers with decoy documents that will give them away.

Computer scientists call it it “Fog Computing” — a play on today’s cloud computing craze. And in a recent paper for Darpa, the Pentagon’s premiere research arm, researchers say they’ve built “a prototype for automatically generating and distributing believable misinformation … and then tracking access and attempted misuse of it. We call this ‘disinformation technology.’”

The FBI has hit upon a wizard wheeze to stuff up whistleblowing websites.
[Techeye] According to Wired, it is seeding boobytrapped files with false information so that it can see a paper trail from the leaker to the published source.

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