Vladimir Putin - Russia in a changing world (full speech) [Video]

(Pусский / English subtitles) July 9, 2012 Russia in a Changing World: Stable Priorities and New Opportunities..Россия в меняющемся мире: преемственность приоритетов и новые возможности.

02:31 - International Community
03:36 - World Economy
05:07 - Bomb and Missile Diplomacy
07:00 - Russia Hosts Summits
07:30 - UN Security Council
07:55 - Russia's Foreign Policy
11:47 - Ukraine
13:05 - Asia-Pacific Region
14:15 - Europe
15:49 - USA
18:10 - Russia's image Demonized
19:09 - Russian Citizens

Russia and the changing world - Article by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for Moskovskiye Novosti

[gov.ru] In my previous articles I have discussed some of the key foreign challenges that Russia now faces. This subject deserves a more detailed discussion and not just because foreign policy is part and parcel of any government strategy. External challenges and the changing world around us are compelling us to make decisions that have implications for the economy, our culture, the budget and for investment. 
  • Who undermines confidence
  • The Arab Spring: lessons and conclusions
  • New challenges and threats
  • The growing role of the Asia-Pacific Region
  • The Europe factor
  • Russian-American affairs
  • Economic diplomacy
  • Support for compatriots and Russian culture in the international context


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