how to boycott Facebook (but still using it)!

[david.priv.at] Do you have the same feeling about Facebook, that it’s actually a useful tool to remain connected to all your friends, knowing what their up to and always be reminded about their birthdays? but on the other hand you’re also worried about your privacy (and those of your friend)? did you ever find yourself angry about Facebook’s policy to suck as much information from you, even you didn’t agreed to it?

with these 6 simple steps I show you how to fight back.

Website tracking: Facebook can actually track the browsing behaviour via ‘like’ buttons: if a user remains logged in on Facebook and visits other sites that uses the ‘Like’ button, the sites sends Facebook the date, hour and the IP-address of the user, even without the has has touched the button! basically Facebook is like someone who’s looking behind your shoulders while you’re browsing. to stop it simply install a browser addon called Ghostery(available for all browsers). it blocks systematically all communication from certain sites to Facebook (and other sites who collect information on you, too). if you really fell the urge to ‘like’ something, you can deactivate Ghostery for specific sites.

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