Ausländische Rebellen in Syrien – Jacques Bérès, Mitbegründer von “Ärzte ohne Grenzen”

Bericht eines Filmteams vom russischen Staatsfernsehen. Das Filmteam, welches diese Reportage erstellte, gehört zur russischen staatlichen Fernseh- und Radiogesellschaft (WGTRK), ausgestrahlt wurde der Beitrag auf Rossija und im Internet auf Vesti.ru publiziert.

Mitbegründer von Ärzte ohne Grenzen beschreibt humanitäre Lage in syrischer Rebellenhochburg Jacques Bérès im Gespräch mit Christiane Kaess

Syria Criticizes France for Supporting Rebels, as Fears Grow of Islamist Infiltration
[NYTimes] The doctor, Jacques Bérès, 71, a surgeon who is known for missions to war zones and who helped found the humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders, said in an interview with Reuters that he had treated about 40 patients a day and that 60 percent were rebel fighters, half of whom were from outside Syria.

“It’s really something strange to see,” he said, according to Reuters. “They are directly saying that they aren’t interested in Bashar al-Assad’s fall, but are thinking about how to take power afterward and set up an Islamic state with Shariah law to become part of the world emirate.”

“Some of them were French and were completely fanatical about the future,” he added, according to Reuters.

Dr. Bérès called the high proportion of foreign Islamist fighters in Aleppo a sharp contrast to his impressions on trips this spring to makeshift clinics in the cities of Idlib and Homs.

Activists and rebel fighters who have been interviewed over the Internet consistently describe far lower numbers of foreign fighters and Islamist militants, and the few reported interviews with Islamists have provided little agreement on what kind of government they envision— whether along the lines of Turkey, Saudi Arabia or Iran, for example.

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