Tony Blair declares EU needs an elected president (Got anyone in mind, Tony?)

[DailyMail] Blair says Europe needs an elected President to stop it breaking up  Former Prime Minister claims a 'big post held by one person' would make voters feel closer to Brussels Head of European Central Bank insisted Brussels must have direct say in national budgets UKIP leader Nigel Farage hopes Mr Blair's 'ambitions will be dashed'

Elected EU president: Blair wants job says Rees-Mogg
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Conservative backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg claimed Tony Blair was pushing the idea of a directly elected EU president as he wanted the job and was not earning enough money in his other roles.

But former Tory candidate Iain Dale claimed the former prime minister would be "rather good at it" and he also suggested Boris Johnson.

Lord Liddle, who speaks for Labour on Europe in the Lords, said the job of president already existed, and it was an important and powerful role that should be "democratically accountable".

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