The Truth About the 2007 Invasion of Iran and the Woman Who Stopped It / Why was a Navy adviser stripped of her career?

[veteranstoday] Five years ago, an American woman serving in Bahrain single handedly stopped the United States government from a criminal attack on Iran and a series of “false flag” terror attacks on American troops and ships in the region.

American Neocons and Israeli lobby decided this was their last chance to start a war, one that would saddle the next president with a disaster of unprecedented proportions, fighting 3 wars during America’s Bush driven economic collapse.

This is Gwyneth Todd, former member of President Clinton’s National Security Council and top Middle East advisor. Stopping the Bush invasion would end her career and nearly cost her life.

The FBI agents who worked with Todd were set aside, their careers ruined and, later, the FBI would hunt Todd, a “new FBI” tasked with silencing those who “knew too much.”
The most hunted person on earth has never been Julian Assange; it has been Gwyneth Todd, who has held some of the highest positions in government and as a military advisor during two presidencies.

Only a year ago, “GW” as she is called at Veterans Today was subject to what we believe to be an attempted kidnap/rendition while living in Australia. The story was featured front page on the Sydney Morning Herald.

“GW” married to an official of the Australian Ministry of Defense, is in Australia ducking endless US ploys to silence her on her direct access to information that could put a virtual army of Bush era top officials in prison for life or worse.

This week, the Washington Post did a 5 page spread on GW, editing out the “juicy parts” that we will be filling in over the weeks prior to the election. No American paper would ever allow the unedited truth to be read by the public, now an “uninformed electorate.”

Why was a Navy adviser stripped of her career? 
[Washington Post] But Cosgriff seemed as eager as the Bush administration hawks to mix it up with the Iranians.

When Cosgriff instructed Todd and other staff not to tell the State Department about his plan to marshal the big decks (two aircraft carriers, an amphibious helicopter assault carrier and five supporting warships) that May in 2007, Todd said, it was just too much. She immediately called a family friend at the State Department’s Iran desk. Her contact alerted superiors, according to sources familiar with events, and Cosgriff was told to stand down, at least until the critical conference with the Iranians was over. He was also told to notify the Saudis and other gulf allies before resuming the maneuver.

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