Monsanto Gen Mais: Ratten Reality Show live / Rat reality show: Russian scientists to broadcast GMO experiment

[Schweiz Magazin] Nachdem eine Studie aus Frankreich gezeigt haben soll dass Ratten, die mit Monsanto GVO Mais gefüttert worden waren an Tumoren litten, planen russische Forscher jetzt ihre eigenen Experimente und die Welt kann live dabei sein. Die einzigartige Reality-Show mit Ratten, soll den gesundheitsgefährdenden Einfluss von Monsanto Gen Mais beweisen.

Rat reality show: Russian scientists to broadcast GMO experiment 
[RT] After a French study suggested that rats fed on Monsanto GMO corn suffered tumors, Russian researches plan their own, this time public, experiment. The unique reality show with rats is expected to prove or deny GMO’s health-threatening influence.

­The Russian scientists, who oppose genetically modified organisms (GMO) in food, expect that their year-long experiment will show whether the controversial cultivation process has effects as dangerous as French revelations claimed on September 19.
Russian researches from the National Association for Genetic Safety (NAGS) believe such experiments should be conducted publicly, so that people can see the process with their own eyes, and thus trust, or not, the study.

So they came up with the idea of public experiment. Web cameras, installed in cages with rats, will broadcast all stages of the experiment online. The unique reality show will be available on the Internet 24/7 worldwide.

The idea behind the test is to feed several groups of rats with different food. One group will be fed with soybeans and corn with a high content of GMOs, while the other gets the same products, but with low GMO levels. The third will be given food with no GMO whatsoever, and the fourth with standard rat food.

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