Größenvergleich - Die tatsächliche Größe von Afrika

[touring-afrika] Möglicherweise weil es so viele Länder in Afrika gibt, die man, wenn man sich nicht näher mit ihnen beschäftigt, alle für sehr ähnlich halten kann, wird Afrika in seiner Gesamtheit oft unterschätzt. Dass Russland, Brasilien, Kanada und China riesig sind, ist jedem bewusst. Erst beim Blick auf die Karte bzw. einem tatsächlichen Vergleich von z. B. den USA oder Europa mit Afrika, wird deutlich, wie winzig diese beiden Regionen im Gegensatz zu Afrika sind.

The True Size of Africa
[chathamhouse] This graphic is not about how Africa fits into the world, but rather how the world fits into Africa. Drawn to show the true scale of the continent and counter the impression given by map projections that exaggerate the relative size of northern hemisphere countries, it shows the futility of seeing Africa as a single entity.

It also shows the vast size of many of Africa's countries, their potential for economic krausegrowth and the threat they can pose to global security.

Africa's economic transformation is real and finally winning over sceptics. It is the only region that has continued to expand throughout the global financial crisis, with seven out of the ten fastest-growing economies. It may now have more middle-class consumers than India, despite a smaller population, and fewer people living in abject poverty.

Emerging powers, from Turkey to South Korea, are increasing engagement with Africa's 54 states. Globalization is bringing challenges. While Europe fixates on Syria, a potentially worse crisis is brewing in the western Sahel, just a few hundred miles south of Italy - an area the size of the United States. The fallout from NATO's intervention in Libya is combining with increasing drug flows from South America through West Africa, the growing radicalization of the Middle East, increasing flows of counterfeit goods from China, people from Africa, and weapons from everywhere - all co-ordinated through Africa's accelerating broadband capacity. And we haven't even mentioned the Congo...

Thomas Cargill is Assistant Head of the Africa Programme at Chatham House.

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