Hackitat - A film about political hacking, world wide [Trailer]

[indiegogo] What compels some people to spend a lot of time and energy on setting up servers, creating programs and even committing crimes to help people in a dictatorship in another country to communicate freely?
We need your help to realize the production of this full-featured documentary film about the hacker culture. When technology is taking over our lives the battle over free digital communication will be one of the defining struggles of our time. This film will explore this conflict by talking to the people that are in it.

This money will enable us to visit hackerspaces in five continents and feature them in the film. After the film is finished it will be released on the Internet with a Creative Commons license for everyone to enjoy.

If you don't have the possibility to help financially you can always help us by spreading the word! <3 blockquote="blockquote" br="br">

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