TeamGhostshell - ProjectHellfire - CIA, MIT, Governments, businesses, 100+ sites hacked & accounts leaked

[Pastebin] All aboard the Smoke & Flames Train. Last stop, Hell. You can have the pleasure of sharing seats with targets such as WallStreet, CIA Services, MIT, Consulting Firms, Political Advisors, Security Companies, Corporations, Weapon's Dealers, Laboratories, Internet Hosting Services, Academics, Banks, Police Departments, Aviation, The Navy, Stocks Exchange, Bonds Exchange, Markets, Emirates Organizations, Various Businesses, Hedge Funds, Estate Agencies, Public Affairs, Robotics, etc.
Team GhostShell's final form of protest this summer against the banks, politicians and for all the fallen hackers this year. With the help of it's sub-divisions, MidasBank & the newest branch, OphiusLab. One million accounts/records leaked. We are also letting everyone know that more releases, collaborations with Anonymous and other, plus two more projects are still scheduled for this fall and winter. It's only the beginning.

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